Traditional Székely Folk Singer from Szeklerland Transylvania.

My name is Enikő Sorbán and I am a folk singer and music leader from Homoródalmás. My passion for singing is a gift from God. Throughout my childhood I learnt new songs from my parents and grandparents. I remember as a small child going on the field with the workers from the village, singing for them all day whilst they were working the field. My parents couldn’t quite understand where this huge passion came from.

Alongside folk music, church music is also close to my heart, since the church is my second home. I spent a lot of time around the church as a child also and I learnt many songs. Thanks to this skill I decided to apply to the Marosvásárhely cantor/ choir master training academy. In the first year I took part in a well known Folk Singing Contest in the Carpathian Basin and won first place. I think that was when I fully realised that singing was my calling. After that contest my singing career fully began. I got invited to countless concerts and festivals. I continued my training at the Kolozsvár music academy. My main role is teaching music and through music education I also highlight the importance of holding on to traditions. I also play the organ and provide a cantor service in church Sundays.

Alongside my work I organise music camps and festivals. I have been the main organiser of the folk tent at the highly acclaimed Tusványos Festival for the last two years.

I am grateful that God has blessed me with this ability and the opportunity to do what I truly love to do every day. I think of every opportunity to sing as a blessing and it is an honour to pass on our Szekler culture through song; to show people something that is truly ours, our music. For our music we need to have love, spirit, heart and zest. I could not tell you an exact number for how many songs I know. I know hundreds and hundreds of traditional folk songs.

Over the years I have performed in Transylvania, Hungary, Slovakia, Denmark and Norway. I have also released two albums of folk songs I have collected over the years.




Magyarul – In Hungarian
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