Magyaroké | Hargita National Szekler Folk Ensemble

Date: June 21, 2020

We are looking forward to streaming a recording of a very popular show from the highly acclaimed Hargita National Szekler Folk Ensemble: Magyaroké (Hungarians)

"What makes Hungarian Hungarian; the answer to that is subjective and uniquely personal: it depends on our upbringing, our education and our feelings that we recognise as such.

Human beings are despicable , if they like something, they also like to take hold of it. Fashion is king….if there is an ideal role model, we will copy it and adapt it, regardless whether we actually like it or not. And that, what really is our own, we adapt and develop according to our taste, tailor it to the individual.

Throughout history Hungarian peasant society, rich in strong ancient cultural traditions, has continually been subjected to dual influences. On one hand it tried to follow the fashion of high society, on the other hand it borrowed from it’s neighbouring peoples, in a continual interaction.

What was borrowed from the neighbours, was shaped and formed with time, melted and built into the everyday Hungarian, folklorised. It’s important to highlight the mutual relationship with neighbours , or correlation, because with it’s radiance, Hungarian folklore has shaped all the cultures of the Carpathian Basin.

This piece draws on the deeper layers of Hungarian folk music and dance, presenting dances that all neighbouring cultures also like to recognise as Hungarian."

Director Choreographers: Szűcs Gábor and Fundák Kristóf, collaborators Szűcsné Urbán Mária és Fundák Kaszai Lili.
Music Producer: Kelemen László
Contributors : András Orsolya folk singer , also Pál István Szalonna and his band.