Bartha Beekeepers Natural Honeys

Bartha Honey originates from the Eastern Carpathians in the crystal clean forests of the Gyergyó Mountains.  Bartha beekeepers was launched by Zsolt Bartha, knight of the honey order, whose family has been working hard to ensure that their bees produce the clearest and purest honey in serene and wonderful surroundings.

The meadows in this region are decorated by thousands of wildflowers and herbal flowers.  The nectar of these wildflowers is laden with zest, flavour, and not just sweetness but also several medicinal and healing properties. The most popular Bartha products are Forest Polyfloral honey, pollen & propolis, which are exemplary products. 

They also produce high quality acacia honey.  Sevaral of their honeys are combined with other natural herbs and fruits such as ginger, mint, cinammon, nuts and lemon. Their sought after throat healing honey has proven healing properties.

Products:  Polyfloral Hoey, Acacia Honey,  Mountain Polyfloral cream honey, Throat healing honey, Honey with propolis, cinammon honey, Pollen honey, Blueberry honey, Walnut honey, Propolis tincture & Propolis.