Székely Falat Szekler Bites

Whenever I recall the tradition of pig slaughter from childhood, I feel full of joy.  I remember that we used to prepare the meat for several days so that the family could enjoy the goodies for half a year .

In those days young people and elders from each family gathered and shared one of the ancient traditions of the region.  Although these traditions have become latest increasingly rare, everyone speaks fondly of those homemade products

In the winter of 2012 we decided to bring back the traditional food from the past, under the brand name Székelyfalat for you and your family

Using pigs bought from local farmers we prepare products based on the recipes we learnt from our grandparents from black pudding and liver pudding to head cheese and sausages to smoked lard, roll and ham.

Apart from the local traditions, we also had your health in mind and we eliminate everything marked with E (flavour enhancers) letter on the tags.