Hungarian Wine House

Hungarian Wine House is a specialist wine trader dedicated to promoting premium quality Hungarian wines in the UK. Our aim is to cultivate a link between the fine wine market in the UK and talented Hungarian wine makers in order to mutually benefit from the colours of Europe.
We are dedicated to supporting family run and talented artisan wineries of Hungary, and introduce them to passionate wine lovers in the UK. Over the years, we have developed long standing relationships with our selected wineries and built mutual understanding of our goals of raising the reputation of great quality Hungarian wines amongst UK wine fans. We actively involve our wine makers in blog posts and conducting interviews, wine tasting sessions, visits to their estates or UK wine fairs with a view of building upon our mutual goals.
We not only aim to provide access to a premium selection of Hungarian wines online, but also to offer a platform where we can share knowledge and interesting facts about Hungarian wines as well as sharing our wine fans' experiences with Hungarian wines, and their visits to Hungary.
We are very excited to attend the GoBe Festival, that is a very important opportunity to increase the awareness of Hungarian/Transylvanian culture – of which, Hungarian wines form an integral part.


Thummerer Winery is a family enterprise, that started grape cultivation in 1984. Following a gradual expansion, they currently produce wines from their self-established, 100-hectare vineyard in the Eger wine region. Their 4200 square metre cellar system is carved into volcanic tuff.

The winery's main emphasis is on red wines of about 80% compared to white wines. A wide range of varieties can be found on their vineards, including Királyleányka, Chardonnay, Ottonel Muscatel, Tramini, Zenit, Sauvignon Blanc, Kékfrankos, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Blauburger and Kadarka. They produce all together 26 types of premium quality wines.

Thummerer make excellent Bulls Bloods of 3 distinct categories: Classicus, Superior & Grand Superior ! We are bringing some of Thummerer Winery's most popular wines to the GoBe Festival, including Classicus Bulls Blood, Bouquet Cuvee, KiralyLeanyka (Little Princess), Cabernet Franc – Merlot, & Trefli Cuvee that is a sweet red wine.

Amongst others successes and gradual growth, their milestone awards include:

  • The Wine Producer of the Year, 1995
  • Wine Cellar of the Year, 2011
  • The Most Efficient Wine Cellar of Hungary, according to the results of the 14. VinAgora International Wine Competition and the XXXIV. National Wine Competition in the year of 2013.

Come and say hello to us #GoBeFest & try the famous Bulls Blood from the Eger wine region #Hungarian Wine House 


Duzsi Winery is a family run, and well known winery from the #Szekszard wine region, in Hungary. Currently producing a range of white, but mainly red and roze wines from 400 tonnes of grapes every year.

Tamas is famously known as the "King of Rozes", although they make excellent red wines, achieving fantastic awards on major international wine competitions year on year, including Challenge International du Vin, Le Citadels du Vin, Le Vinalies Internationales, etc. Most recently their Graboc Cuvee (2011) has been awarded Gold Medal in Mundus Vini, Germany.
The winery has been awarded Winemaker of the Year in Hungary, in 2014.
You will be able to meet the younger Tomi Duzsi, winemaker, who will personally introduce the Duzsi Range, and host talks but their wines & wine making procedures. We are very proud to be working with the Duzsi family, and the #GobeFest is an excellent opportunity to tase some of their gems, including, Szekszard Bulls Blood, Kadarka, Kekfrankos, Olasz Rizling & 4 different types of Rozes. Come and meet Tomi Duzsi personally & let him talk you through some of their wonderful wines from the Szekszard wine region.

Pannon Tokaj & Tokajicum wines from the Tokaji Wine Region

Pannon Tokaj is a fully Hungarian-owned modern winery in Tokaj, founded in 2000. The cellar owns 20 hectares of land of which currently 19 hectares are cultivated. The three main grape varieties of Tokaj: Muscat Lunel, Furmint, Hárslevelű (linden leaf) are grown in their vineyards which are located in some of the most reputable vineyards around Tolcsva village.
Their primary philosophy is to produce outstanding quality dessert wines mixing the traditional and the new wave of Tokaji wine making.
Pannon Tokaj have been awarded highly on major international wine competitions & have fast expanded to reach international recognition & popularity with their wines. They are currently present in in Hungary, UK, Sweden, Germany, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Poland, Czech, Spain, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China.

Tokajicum winery owns a 20 Hectar Vineyard, located on prestigious slope of Kopasz Hegy (Bold Mountain). Their vineyards include all premium quality and vineyards & slopes of historic importance: Perőcz, Czeke, Feketehegy, Királygát, Mandulás,Betsek, Hold-völgy, Danczka, Bojta & Holdvölgy slopes.
Most of their vines are 40 years old or older in their vineyards. These are highly regarded by their expert winemakers. as these vines self regulate their growth, & produce full bodied wines & of high mineral content.