Hand Made Kft

Our company – Hand Made Kft- based in Sepsiszentgyörgy – was established 20 years ago with the aim of protecting and promoting our authentic folklor heritage. In the beginning we dealt mainly with traditional textiles, weaving table-cloths, rugs, curtains, sewing rustique women’s dresses and selling them. Gradually we realised that there is a real need to spread authentic folk arts and traditional values into other areas in order to counteract all the fake counterfeit products that are everywhere and spread authenticity instead. For this reason we started working with uniquely talented folk artists and makers, creators who can deliver our highest expectations. For example, we sell the ceramics and pottery of Korond’s only master , the UNESCO award winning Ágoston Pal. The same principles apply to the unique jewellery and gifts we present, created using various special techniques. We like to think we are as authentic and original as the items that we surround ourselves with.