Traditional Chimney Cake

Kürtőskalács Szeklerland Chimneycake

My name is Vitos-Fodor Istvan. I am from Szeklerland, Romania. I am the founder of of SC. Zolsport SRL company. We produce traditional Chimney Cake.

I launched this company 15 years ago with my grandmother’s recipe, working only with family members initially. We started to work from just one base but we have now expanded the business and work from several locations.  We now have a great team with many hardworking people. We participate in different festivals all over the country and abroad. We have been attending the well known “Szekely Fesztival” held in Hungary every year since it started in 2014. We are also proud owners of the “Sekler Product” trademark since 5 years ago.

It will be an honor for us to participate in the forthcoming “GobeFest” in Manchester.
We will be proud to share with you all a piece of our Szekler tradition.