New Generation Centre London

Date: April 16, 2022

We are pleased to work in partnership again with the New Generation Centre London. The organisation is contributing to the Góbéfest 2022 Line-up by inviting talented musicians from Hungary to take part in the festival. New Generation Centre London (NGC) aims to support the professional and personal development of talented young Hungarians worldwide.

The Government of Hungary established the Centre within the framework of the National Talent Programme. NGC primarily takes part in the care of talented Hungarians studying in the United Kingdom; however, from 2021 on, NGC welcomes every young person who continues their studies in any higher education institution worldwide. The programme helps share the knowledge and experience of talented Hungarians living in the UK and other countries with each other and with young Hungarians living in Hungary significantly. This unique project provides an opportunity for professional development and networking, sharing knowledge and joining a strong, multi-polar professional community.

In addition to focusing on support for young people, NGC also participates in career guidance and helps young professionals reach the next milestone in their careers.


UPSKILL – Suit yourself with new skills!

The training’s portfolio aids the acquisition of useful and practical skills, improving the chances of success of talented youth in the job market. Group trainings, conferences, lecture series, mentoring and internship programs and many other services are available throughout the entire year.

CONNECT – We match talent with opportunities!

Whether it comes to scholarships, graduate or intern programs, students can learn about the current opportunities through NGC. For those, interested in graduate positions and who wish to gain experience in the fields of talent management, communication, marketing or event organization, NGC offers numerous opportunities in the relevant fields.

INFORM – Up-to-date information gathered together.

It is of utmost importance to spread the word on recent professional opportunities, research, mentoring programs and projects. Our colleagues are tirelessly working on providing the most relevant information that may concern those living in the UK or anything related to career management.