Szép Palkó | A Fairytale Folk Dance Show by Maros Ensemble

Date: May 6, 2019

Expect to be mesmerised by a spectacular fairy tale dance production on Sunday 26th May in the afternoon , as Maros Ensemble showcase a spectacle suitable for children and adults alike. This fairy tale is well known by both Transylvanian children and adults. You can read it in the Benedek Elek collections, which were compiled in 1901. It can also be found in other Transylvanian folk tale collections, since it is a very popular fairy tale.

The tale is about a poor lad called Palkó and his journey through life as he tries to find his way through the big world. He sets off on his journey and meets with giants along the way, with whom he behaves respectfully, according to his simple upbringing.

As a result of his good behaviour the giants take him to the king. Within no time Palkó and the king's daughter, the princess fall in love with each-other. The pair of lovebirds go through various obstacles and challenges, but as per usual good always wins in fairy tales and the pair eventually get married and live happily ever after.

The Maros Dance Ensemble tells this fairy tale through dance, movement, music and spectacle. The show uses unique and interesting props along with the colourful costumes, making the show visually appealing to the audience. The live music played by the house band completes this spectacular production, complimented by the popular folk songs sang by the entire dance cast.