Talentum Hungaricum at Góbéfest

Date: May 12, 2022

Two acts performing at Góbéfest this year are part of the prestigious Talentum Hungaricum Programme led by National Talent Centre in Hungary. The Toth Company is a versatile jazz outfit and Zsaya is a contemporary electro folk band. Both bands will be performing Saturday

National Talent Center (hereinafter: NTC) is a Hungarian, government-owned talent care institution of high priority. NTC’s main tasks are to assist in the identification and support of young talent, taking part in community-building and mentoring activities, research and organising professional programs. Most of its activities are executed in nationally and internationally funded projects. So far, tens of thousands of young talented individuals have benefited from NTC’s services and its professional courses that help the educators of young talent as well. NTC is committed to the main goal of the National Talent Programme, namely, the recognition of Hungarian talent and providing guidance to allow them to develop their talent. When it comes to talent, our most valuable national resource, our goal is to achieve a social unity for its recognition, care and protection. 

National Talent Center initiated the Talentum Hungaricum programme in 2020 to support those awarded the Scholarship for the Young Talent of the Nation (NFTÖ).

17 emerging artists were selected by the established committee, including Erika Miklósa, János Balázs, Barna Pély and Péter Rozsnyói. The students get the opportunity to record in studio and create their portfolios. The National Talent Center aims to enable their development and create successful products by providing professional support and readying their skills for the international scene.

The programme was re-launched in 2021. National Talent Center provided the 20 winning young musicians with the opportunity to perform at festivals, participate in a 3-day professional camp and continuous mentoring by the renowned performers mentioned above.