Visit Covasna at Góbéfest

Date: May 22, 2022

According to HRH The Prince of Wales, “Transylvania is the last corner of Europe where you can see true sustainability and complete resilience and the maintenance of the entire eco-systems to the benefit of mankind and also for nature.” (Wild Carpathia Documentary interview). 

Part of Transylvania and Szeklerland, Covasna is a lovely county in the heart of Romania. Ladies and gents, we invite you to discover it! 

Covasna is History. Experienced. It delights you with authentic experiences in mansions and castles. Discover the compelling, archaic luxury of the renovated mansions and castles in Covasna County, which provide a new kind of ex­perience in line with the demands of the 21st century. Try out the sophistically reinterpreted local cuisine or the traditional dishes based on old recipes, get an insight in the workshop of the handicraftsmen, wander around the Szekler villages, or discover the surrounding hills and valleys by bicycle or on horseback. 

Covasna is Nature. Untamed. Man is part of the natural world. No matter how far we have moved away from it, from time to time we must return to the initial state when we were still in close contact with nature. There are many places in Covasna County where the untamed nature, the untouched world of forests and waters give this near-natural experience. Discover these wonderful places on foot, by bike or even on horseback and rediscover nature in yourself!

Covasna is Health. By Nature. Hundreds of mineral springs burst to the surface in Covasna County due to post-volcanic activities. These mineral waters can be consumed as drinking water, but can also be used as medicinal water or spa water.  Treatments with natural resources contribute to strengthening the immune system, too. Use this "gift" offered by nature to prevent illnesses!

Look for the Visit Covasna tent at the Góbéfest where you can find out even more about the charming Covasna county! 

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