Unveiling Gingerbread Masterpieces

Date: June 13, 2023

At Gobéfest this year professional folk artist Klara Répás will present for the first time her new creations, which have been qualified as “Masterpieces” by the FolkArt jury of Heritage House in Budapest. Their pattern was inspired by the Hungarian folk embroidery of Kalotaszeg.

Klara was born in Hungary. She moved to Yorkshire from New York almost two years ago. She graduated as a Chemical Engineer and she also recently obtained her Certificate in Botanical art and illustration. Making and decorating gingerbread biscuits have always been part of her life, from her early childhood they always prepared gingerbread decorations for Christmas. The love of this folk-art was in her “backpack” when she left Hungary because of her husband’s expatriate job 18 years ago. She made gingerbread biscuits everywhere where they lived and thanks to this craft she felt at home. She has shared her knowledge with many people from different nations and religions. (/from all walks of life) Probably, the most satisfying moments were when she could teach and share the beauty of this Hungarian tradition through her artwork. (Klara made a gingerbread Harewood House replica which was displayed in the Old Kitchen of Harewood House for Christmas last Year) Facebook: Klara’s gingerbread Instagram: @paindepicesdeklara.