We are all set for something very special

Date: June 15, 2023

The Children's Philharmonia of Szentegyháza, also known as The Fili, be performing on Saturday 24th of June and Sunday 25th of June in Cathedral Gardens followed by an exclusive performance in London at St Johns Smith Square on Monday 26th of June. Don't miss their performances. In order to make this fantastic UK Tour possible, we have worked in partnership with The Children's Philharmonia Foundation from Hungary, The Embassy of Hungary in London as well as The Liszt Institute-Hungarian Cultural Centre in London. The project was funded by the MOL New Europe Foundation.

Here is their repertoire:
1.    Carl Teike – Old Comrades March

2.    J. S. Bach – Peasant Cantata (fragment)

3.    Hungarian hymns – Our Lady, Mother of God; 

            – Fear Not, Look Upon Your God

4.    G. F Haendel – Thine Be the Glory

5.    Béla Bartók – An Evening in the Village   

6.    K. M. von Weber – Hunters’ Chorus

7.    Sándor Haáz – Three Whimsical Songs

8.    Sándor Haáz – Duda (Hungarian bagpipe) Songs

9.    Ferenc Lehár – Piave March 

10.         U. Roever & M. Korb – Highland Cathedral

11.         Scottish folk song – My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

12.         Sándor Haáz – Little Duckling Swimming

13.         G. Sorban & M. Eminescu – Down Where the Lonely Poplars Grow

14.         Turkish war song – Plevna March

15.         Béni Egressy – Klapka March

16.         Hungarian and Szekler Anthems