Maros Ensemble presents: If you knew what I know | Friday 24th May

Date: April 30, 2019

The Maros Ensemble, with over 60 years of experience behind them, grounded firmly on the roots of folk arts, presents the folklore of the different cultures living together in Transylvania to the highest standard, including the folk arts of Hungarians, Romanians, Germans and Romas. It's primary goal is to popularise folk arts, strengthen young peoples awareness of their cultural heritage and also to grow and nurture the next generation of dancers.

Currently the Maros Ensemble has the largest membership, occupying a significant position in the official list of folk dance groups in Transylvania.

Maros Ensemble will present three award winning dances at Góbéfest. Starting on Friday evening with a show entitled If you knew what I know.

If you knew what I know presents the most beautiful dances of the Transylvanian regions. The show will provide a taster of dances from Kalotaszeg, Palatka, Keszű, Küküllőmente. Küküllő-mente is the most southern dance dialect in Transylvania, which has held onto ancient methods, not just in male dances but also in paired dances. Magda Kásler will sing folk songs from Szék accompanied by the Maros Ensemble band.