Arts & Crafts Workshops

Kalocsa Style Embroidery Workshop with Krisztina Design

Learn how to design and create your own Kalocsa style embroidery and use it to decorate and brighten up anything from clothes, bags to tablecloths. This unique style of embroidery is a popular Hungarian folk art and an important part of Hungarian heritage. Krisztina, born and bred in Kalocsa, has been involved with Góbéfest from the very beginning, as well as countless other events and festivals around the UK, promoting this wonderful tradition. In these short workshops she will be sharing her skills and tips with you. Check out more info about Krisztina here.

Make Your Own ‘Honeybread’ with Unique Gingerbread

The Pompás Mézes Unique Gingerbread is a traditional Hungarian recipe that our ancestors made for celebrations and other occasions. What make it unique and extra special is that it is made with honey and different spices as cinnamon, cloves, ginger. In these workshops Magdolna Eric will be sharing some of her secret recipes on how to bake and decorate the tastiest honey bread.

Find out about Woodburning with Betty Bak

If you are looking for a new hobby, why not have a go at wood burning.
Betty Bak creates some of the most beautiful decorations using the unique craft of wood burning.
Betty believes that “There is love, creativity and uniqueness in gifts that are handmade, as handmade is something you made with love, care, and thought.” In these workshops/ this workshop Betty demonstrates her craft and provides some tips


Cookery Sessions

Cooking with Krisztian Ortmann

Krisztian Ortmann is Hungarian chef with 20 years of experience in the kitchen (plus extra 5-6 if we count the time helping his mum)

Currently he is the head chef at the Hungarian Embassy in London, UK, since 2009. Born In Esztergom, Hungary, his cooking style is Hungarian, Italian, French with the biggest passion for all of these. Krisztian has just started his own cooking channel on youtube, where he is sharing his cooking skills in both Hungarian and in English.

  • FRIDAY 26th June- Trio of Hungarian cold canapés/finger food for wine
    /Oven baked aubergine spread, lecso „bruschetta”, Goat chese liptauer with crispy caraway seeds/
  • SATURDAY 27th June- Egri ox cheek stew in cauldron with Hungarian dumplings and home made pickles
  • SUNDAY 28th June – Cold sour cherry soup with curd cheese dumplings, tangy sponge crackers


Learn how to bake Lángos at Home with The Lángos Factory

Bake your own Kürtőskalács with Cheshire Chimney Cake

Music & Dance Workshops


Ringató is a unique music education program of activities, based on the educational principles of the Kodály concept, for pre-play school toddlers and their parents.

On the one hand, we would like to give experiences both to children and their parents, and I would like to show to adults how beautiful folk songs are. And the main aim of our sessions is to make grown-ups able to experience the joys of common singing. On the other hand, we want to set a pattern to young parents how they should start their children’s early music education. And of course, we help them with appropriate music material.

Music education has to be started at a very early age before the children’s birth. According to Kodaly it begins with the mother’s attitude and openness to music.

Our music material consists of mostly Hungarian folk songs, traditional rhymes, lap-games and in a smaller part children songs from other nations and composed songs such as: composed by Kodaly Zoltan.

It is very important that the music material for children should be valuable and suitable for their age and music should be spiritual nourishment for little ones.

Master the Zither with the Mátyás Király Zither Orchestra

If you are lucky enough to have one of these beautiful instruments then you will be very pleased to get involved with our online zither workshop, ran by award winner zither players.  If you don’t have one yet,  then you will surely want one after seeing what it’s all about.

Hungarian Dance workshop with Hungarian Heritage House - Budapest

Learn some Hungarian Folk dance skills at home. These workshops will focus on folk dance styles from various regions in Hungary

Transylvanian Dance Workshops with Endre & Imola Virág ( Caterpillar Dance Ensemble )

Learn some Transylvanian folk dance skills at home. These daily short workshops will focus on folk dance styles from various regions in Transylvania.