Sweet Ambassadors Of Hungary | Consulate General of Hungary

The best decisions are said to have been made at tables covered with white cloth rather than green – and there is some truth in this. There is peace at dinner tables. It is inappropriate to discuss disagreeable topics. And later – having grown languid and satisfied – the state of affairs finds more favour in everyone’s eyes.

The tradition of protocol banquets has its origin in the onetime royal courts. The strict ceremonial has not changed much: the invitation indicates the dress code, today’s „major-domo” has to comply with strict rules regarding seating and waiters worry whether they will succeed in serving up the roast as perfectly as intended… The official language of diplomacy and menus was French, with only drinks adding some national character to the refined but somehow unexciting repasts. Today all embassy chefs and head-cooks of diplomatic events make every endeavour to insert some of their „own” specialities to the menu. And what could be more memorable, than the dessert that crowns the luncheon or dinner? Our sweet ambassadors see to it that guests will recall the hours spent at Hungarian tables with a sweet taste in their mouths, in the literal sense of the word. The present exhibition stands as a memorial to these Hungarian delicacies and their inventors.

Mátyás Király Zither Orchestra Zither Workshop

Come and have a go at playing a Zither, a highly popular instrument in Hungary. This workshop is suitable for all age groups and is led by the fabulous Mátyás Király Zither Orchestra. Participants will get the opportunity to play one of these fantastic instruments.

Hungarian Wine House Wine Tasting Presentation

Hungarian Wine House is a specialist wine trader dedicated to promoting premium quality Hungarian wines in the UK and supporting family run talented artisan wineries. If you are passionate a wine lover, why not come along to this Gobefest special presentation and sample some of the finest Hungarian wines whilst finding out more about Hungary’s wine regions.

Szicsek Pálinka Tasting Presentation

Szicsek Pálinka Ltd is a family run business which has been making this Award Winning Pálinka for over 30 years. Our Pálinka is handcrafted from using 100% fruit which is still made using the old traditional methods. Why not come and find out more about drinks and taste some of our flavoursome palinkas. Not for the fainthearted.


”Hold in your lap, rock and sing!” Ringató is a unique music education program of activities, based on the educational principles of the Kodály concept, for pre-play school toddlers and their parents. The Hungarian word ”Ringató” means some kind of movement made by an adult who has a baby in his or her arms. And the similar English word for it, perhaps is ”rock” or ”rocking”, in other words: to move gently backwards and forwards or from side to side. We follow Kodály Zoltan’s principles, all our activity is based on them. Our music material consists of mostly Hungarian folk songs, traditional rhymes, lap-games and in a smaller part children songs from other nations and composed songs such as: composed by Kodály Zoltan. Children’s music education is a very important factor for their development. This common activity influences their whole personality and also provides spiritual nourishment for little ones.

Zsigmond Király Hungarian School Puppet Show

The drama pedagogy and puppetry is part of the educational program of the Zsigmond Király Hungarian Supplementary School. The drama pedagogy is focuses on; the development of the verbal and non-verbal communication and the art of expressing feelings and emotions. This vital methodology, supports the in-depth understanding of the human nature, self-awareness and builds self-esteem. The children prepared this puppetry show especially for GOBE fest.

This year we prepared a truly moving little story from the poem of the famous children’s author Ferenc Móra. It is about a king, who is always cold. He is searching for solutions how to get warm. Through his search he stops caring about his people and his country to the point that he takes even the roofs off people houses to get his fire bigger. Then to his surprise a little girl appears who melts his heart – finally finding out what was missing from his life.

Zsigmond Király Hungarian School Folk Arts

This workshop is designed to provide a glimpse into the rich Hungarian folklore. The teachers of the Zsigmond Király Supplementary School provide a variety of activities suitable for all age groups.

Children's Folk Dance workshop lead by Imre & Panka Herman from Szeredás Dance group, London.

This experienced dance duo are both ex members of the Maros Ensemble. They deliver dance workshops for children and young people on a weekly basis in London. Come and take part in their dance workshop and have some fun whilst learning some of the basics of folk dancing from Szeklerland Transylvania.


Kodály Music Workshop for children aged 4-7 by Dorothy Singh : Kodály Violin School.

Come and enjoy playing games & singing. These specially structured activities develop the natural rhythm and musicality of children. They are specially adapted to the early development of violin playing through encouraging careful listening, step by step learning, social awareness through ensemble playing from early stages, confidence in singing and playing, memory development in performance, physical and mental coordination. Especially suitable for children 4-7 years of age. Parents also welcome. Delivered in English.

Székely Legendárium Sekler Legends

Szeklerland is full of ancient legends and powerful folk tales which have been passed down by the generations gone by. The Szóló Szőlő  supplementary school from Chester presents some of these legends in a storytelling workshop complimented by arts, crafts and even some performance.

Instrument Demonstration By Ildikó Csige & Michael Billington

Instrument Demonstration By Ildikó Csige & Michael Billington with zither, ütő gardon, a percussion instrument that looks like a ranshackle ‘cello, hurdygurdy, duda and more.

Szekler Runic Script workshop

The runic scripture means ancient writing, the Szeklers were the ones who preserved and further developed the alphabet bush: Szekely-Hungarian bun. This unique cultural heritage dating back to the most remote times, however, in the 10th-11th centuries the Hungarian ancestors had to change they’re writing to the less advanced Latin alphabet. This offers a taste of the ancient runic script writing through various activities, such as cross words, memory games, puzzle and code braking. These games are designed to be enjoyable for both English and Hungarian language speakers. The workshop leaders are Hungarian language teachers from the Zsigmond Király Supplementary School. In our youth group the teenagers often send secret messages under the lessons to each other, so it is worth to learn ☺